May 19, 2011

Pre-Yuppie Has Shit to Say

Sup nerd.
I fuckin’ raged the other night.
I fuckin’ got in a fight—
can you pass me another beer?
– with these fuckin’ sheeple.
I don’t know if you, like, heard
or whatever, but my lip was split,
‘cause these guys were talking bull shit.
Yea shit got said right in my ear
about Kyle, you know, the guy who just turned 21?
We all fuckin’ raged together,
but he and I peaced – I don’t even know why.
But his vision was fuckin’ blurred,
and he wanted to punch the brain chunks outta this asshole.
So of course I tried to get them both to shut it
‘cause I didn’t want that dumbass getting me hit,
or us both killed.
No, there were no fucking tears.
I can’t feel pain from those lame-ass people
who walk around in their little herd
like lemmings, just following.
They’re all just fucking wallowing
with big-ass eyes, empty like a fucking deer’s.
You get where I’m coming from?
Yea, you know what’s up with sheeple.
No I can’t rip right now, you turd.
My lip is shredded – fuckin’ joints for me.
Anyway, can’t you see?
All these fuckin’ nerds in here,
they don’t have any Godly steeple.
They don’t need that shit cause they’ve heard
the fuckin'...just the fuckin' words of Aristotle:
“All virtue is summed up in dealing justly.”
Did someone just bring in PBR?
Ya, I think I’ll have another one.
What’s my major?
Just Fuckin’ Business and Philosophy.

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