May 19, 2011


Lay down, just so. This is half up to you.
Experienced hands mark up my virtue
with “‘s rioghal mo dhream”
a beautiful tribute to my family team.

Good thing they’ll never know
or else my parents would be my foe.
And not even that, they’ve told me,
I would be someone they don’t know.

This feels like a blood curdling scream ripping the night;
This sounds like a million jackhammers picking a fight.
A needle, a pulsating needle, shreds my skin,
and my legs, like jumping beans, twitch from the sin.

Something pushes my brain into my chest;
thoughts morph into palpitations of sweat.
Put your fingers on my neck just to test
that my pulse won’t end up in cardiac debt.

Please hurry up and inject the ink,
Before I go and puke in the sink.

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