May 19, 2011

Main Squeeze

Dear M-
You, my lover,
have forgotten me.
Instead of kissing my ear,
your lips now pucker for
the slow burn of dirt-booze.
You stalked off in your nude stilettos
with your ass sashaying
like the twitch of a cat’s tail.
Like hell I’d even know it was you
if you’d turned around to sneer at me again:
Eyes painted, lips painted, cheeks painted.
But doll, you’re no fuckin’ artist.
Stop playing with paint.
Stop sucking in your stomach
while you suck up to those bitches.
Stop looking in the mirror and ignoring me.
It’s 2:57 in the morning
and I’m lonely.
When you’re bored with cheap heart break
come lie in my arms
and I’ll talk real dirty to you
until you’re real real again.
I’m the only girl who’ll love you like that.

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